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Hello. I'm Peter from The Netherlands, and this is my journal about my lime gold 1967 Ford Mustang V8 Convertible. It has the original 289 2V engine, automatic transmission and the ivy gold luxury interior decor group with brushed aluminum trim on the door panels, dash and center console. It also has bucket seats and the optional safety convenience panel on the dash.

Me in my '67 Mustang with the top down.

Like lots of boys I've always liked cars, but I was particularly interested in classic American cars like the early Ford Thunderbird, the Chevrolet Corvette from the fifties and of course the early Ford Mustangs. Later, in my twenties, when I joined a good friend in his Corvette to various USA car meetings, I learned that I liked the 1967 Mustang most. Mainly because of the more aggressive body profile with the restyled concave rear tail lamp panel.

After some big changes in my personal life in 1999, I suddenly had the opportunity to buy a 1967 Convertible from somebody in Germany. Although the car had not been driven for almost 2 years, it did not look bad at all. Not being held back by any technical knowledge and as I had the cash and a place in a warehouse to store/park it for the time being, I made the very spontaneous decision to go for it! Now I can say this was one of the best (but also one of the most expensive) decisions in my life!

My car's VIN is 7R03C117841 with the following further vehicle identification on the left hand door: 76B-I-6G-13K-71-0-W. Decoded by the Mustang VIN Decoder this gives the following information:

  • Model Year: 1967
  • Origin: Built in San Jose, CA on October 13, 1966 and sold in LA.
  • Bodystyle & Series: Convertible, 'Decor Group' bucket seats.
  • Engine: 289 CID 2V.
  • Axle Ratio: 2.79:1 conventional.
  • Transmission: C-4 automatic.
  • Exterior Color: Lime Gold.
  • Interior Trim: Light Ivy Gold crinkle vinyl w/ Medium Ivy Gold crinkle vinyl inserts.

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1967 Ford Mustang history

As 1967 dawned, having enjoyed two-and-half years of uncontested leadership in the personal car market, America's premier pony-car was beginning to be pressured by a series of wanna-be's from the likes of GM, Chrysler and even American Motors. Realizing that you're only an automotive industry leader if you continue to lead, Ford decided to the first major restyling of the Mustang.

The Mustang for 1967 was slightly longer and wider, with a bigger grille opening and a recessed tail lamp panel. The Fastback styling no longer ended at the trunk lid, but continued seamlessly to the rear edge of the trunk lid (this is the reason the 1967 Fastback is one of my personal favorites!). 1967 marked the first year the Mustang was offered with a big block engine, the 390ci V8.The three 289ci V8 and the 200ci L6 were also offered this year.

Production numbers for the 1967 Mustang:

All in favor of the Mustang pledge - say aye!

From: Mustang: Selling The Legend by Bob McClurg & Andy Willsheer and Mustang Hut.

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