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Fight the rust! Save my '69 Ranchero.

Posted on December 11, 2011 in General, Maintenance | View Comments (0)

Work currently carried out by Klasse Klassiek in Maarssen, The Netherlands on my '69 Ranchero. These are some of the pics they sent me last week:

Hopefully the end result of their work is better then their first estimation/quotation and their communication to the customer. It took a lot of phone calls to get the first promised pics. And the intial offer has meanwhile doubled, althought I must say I am not completely surprised by this as I already know that the paintjob done by the seller 3 years ago was not a very good job as they did not remove any rust. Adding this to the fact that I kept the +40 year old car outside for about 3 years gives plenty of trouble..
The last picture show the black paint (RAL 9005) on a VW Bus that I want to use on the sides when I get the car back next week.

Work done on my '69 Ranchero

Posted on December 9, 2011 in General, Maintenance | View Comments (0)

OK, here an update on work done on my '69 Ford Ranchero. After I installed the re-worked leaf-springs I brought the car back to Roel's Cars & Bikes in Hillegom where Roel fitted some nice custom built pieces of stainless steel exhaust from directly after the existing Cherry Bomb mufflers to exiting under the rear bumber. Very NICE! 'Roel's Modified'. This was in April 2011.

And then in June I had to buy and install a new starter, because 'Che' would not start anymore with cold V8 engine.

This month I noticed that my front shocks are leaking oil. Bit disappointing, as I installed these Monroe's 3 years ago! Ordered some new one's, but now by KYB from reliable and ultra fast shipper RockAuto in the US, hope these KYB's are better quality.

Before I can install these I have to wait for Klasse Klassiek to finish all the metal & welding work. I brought the car there 2 weeks ago because the rust was meanwhile not so slowly eating the lower sides away.. That's because the car has been parked mainly outside in rain in snow from when I bought it in 2007 untill last year (plus the paintjob done by seller Automagic has only been exactly that, fresh paint over existing rust...). I will place some photo's later. When the car comes back I am not planning to spray paint all new parts in the same colour yellow. Instead I want to use a roller and paint the complete sides scratch free industrial black RAL 9005 which I saw on a VW Beetle a while ago. Keep it simple  (at least I hope, because I will try to only roll the sides of the car and keep hood & roof yellow, I will first photoshop this design to see how it looks)

Back online

Posted on December 8, 2011 in Driving, General, Maintenance, Meetings | View Comments (0)

Hi all classic US car lovers on the web, I am finally back online (on this website / log) and will soon add updates on work done on my 2 Fords! Greetings, Peter

Work on classic Ford's

Posted on March 28, 2011 in Maintenance | View Comments (1)

Hi again. Meanwhile Harry and I have removed the worn out leafsprings from my '69 Ranchero (after Roel sawed off the backpart of the exhaust). Leafsprings were refurbished by 84-year old 'Ome Leen', he mounted an extra (new) leaf. After re-installing them on the car, the backside of the Ranchero has risen by 6cm above the wheels. Finally we can load some heavy stuff again! Soon I will go back to Roel's Cars & Bikes for some new pieces of exhaust, this time mounted 'over' the rearaxle.

Yesterday we worked on my '67 Mustang. Removed the old Motorcraft 2100 carb and replaced it for a Holley Performance 0-7448 350cfm carburateur. I bought this factory refurbished carb directly from Holley through Ebay. Although we're not completely finished (fuel line needs some altering, manual choke cable needs to be installed) this Holley seems like a big succes. The V8 responds very good, I drove a few hunderd meters and it feels like the car has more power! Now I wait for the new HiPo Air Filter and Ignitor II electronic ignition (as replacement for the breakerpoints) which I ordered from Mustang Unlimited abt 6 weeks ago... USPS & TNTPost are taking their time on this delivery....

Long time no post

Posted on February 2, 2011 in General | View Comments (0)

Hi! Been a while since my last post here. Latest news; not much driving with my 67 Mustang or 69 Ranchero last months. The unit (35m2 garage) that I bought in a new business development was finished and delivered to me last September 2010. So I finally cancelled the rent of the old flowerstorage where I used to work on my cars and moved my stuff to this new place, only 2km from my home. And meanwhile I had a new 2-post carlift installed :-D so I can work on my cars like a 'pro' (I wish I had all the knowledge!).

Regretfully I found out that the 69 Ranchero cannot go on the lift with the way the previous owner has designed the double exhaust, under the rear axle! This will be changed soon. And I will start removing the leafsprings, so that a specialized company can build me new ones with which I hope to raise the rear by 5cm. So I can savely load the truckbed with wood and other heavy stuff again!

And then I need to start some work on the 67 Mustang. The problem with the hot start + full tank needs to solved, maybe I will buy a new carb? And I need new tyres, and want to exchange the points with an electronic ignition.

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